There is no other way to do it - if you don’t have to restrain somebody, why would you? It should just be the way to do things.

— A mother of an adult son with autism

Comfort vs. Control

In 2015, Grafton launched Ukeru Systems®, a safe, comforting and restraint-free crisis management program developed by and for behavioral health professionals and paraprofessionals, educators and parents. It is the first crisis-training program to completely eliminate the use of restraints and seclusion as accepted behavioral management tools. Ukeru (Japanese for “to receive”) is about engaging, sensing, feeling and responding to what someone is trying to communicate through his or her actions while also maintaining the safety of everyone involved.

How do we know this works? We’ve done the work in our own environment and seen the rewards. A decade ago, Grafton issued a mandate to eliminate restraints without compromising employee or client safety. Since then, it has reduced the use of restraints by more than 99 percent. It also significantly reduced the number of injuries to both clients and those who care for them and reduced costs associated with workers’ compensation policies and employee turnover, saving an estimated $16 million over ten years. Grafton’s experience makes clear that restraint and seclusion can be eliminated without compromising safety as long as employees are properly trained.

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