Loudoun County Youth Shelter


The Loudoun County Youth Shelter is a partnership between the Loudoun County Department of Family Services and Grafton.

Therapeutic Programming:

Shelter staff support residents in increasing their skills in a variety of areas:

  • Conflict management through Client Informed Conflict Resolution, a mediation tool
  • Independent living skills and promotion of self-care
  • Social skills through group activities and planned outings
  • Connecting with support systems and maintaining positive interaction
  • Self-regulation and mindfulness tools

Individualized Care:

Youth enter the shelter for a variety of reasons with many different goals. Through working closely with the youth, their family or guardian and support team, we develop strategies that are most likely to be helpful based upon understanding the reasons for behaviors. Our program emphasizes safety and progress towards identified goals.

Community Integration:

While youth are residents of the Shelter, they attend their regular educational program, typically within Loudoun County Public Schools.  They receive therapeutic services from Loudoun County Mental Health as well as private community practitioners.

Residents are encouraged to continue to attend personal areas of interest, such as sports, music, and family activities.

For more information, contact the Shelter’s director, Rachael Reeder at Rachael.Reeder@Loudoun.gov