Therapeutic Community Living Options

Grafton’s Therapeutic Community Living Options are the only ones to provide Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment in the state of Virginia. Serving a challenging, diverse population of children, adolescents and adults, our community-based residences support individuals with autism and co-occurring intellectual and developmental disabilities exhibiting one or more of the following behavioral challenges:

  • Aggression;
  • Property destruction;
  • Elopement;
  • Defiance;
  • Self-injurious behaviors.

Both high functioning and higher needs individuals residing in Grafton Therapeutic Community Living Options learn the adaptive skills necessary to increase self-autonomy and build healthy relationships. In addition to addressing challenging behaviors, our services support clients in achieving improved life skills and abilities such as daily living, money management, home maintenance, food preparation, personal hygiene, socialization, leisure and community safety.

More about our therapeutic group homes can be found here.