They prepare families to be successful, offering not only family therapy, but also parenting groups throughout the stay to ensure families are well equipped after discharge.

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Therapeutic Community Living Options

Grafton is often able to provide the same level of support that an individual might receive in a hospital or other acute care environment in a community setting. By ensuring the right professionals are available at all times, our Therapeutic Community Living Options are a truly innovative approach to care for complex individuals.

Created in collaboration with the state of Virginia to meet a growing need, Grafton’s Therapeutic Community Living Options serve individuals with intellectual/developmental or autism spectrum disorders, often combined with psychiatric diagnoses. The homes are staffed in a much richer array than most Medicaid group homes, with psychiatrists, nurses, nurse practitioners, board certified behavior analysts, registered behavior technicians, psychotherapists, and more. A fully accredited school with a career and technical education track is also available at these program sites, as are speech and occupational therapists, educators, music therapists, and others.

Both high functioning and higher needs individuals utilizing Grafton’s Therapeutic Community Living Options learn the adaptive skills necessary to increase self-autonomy and build healthy relationships. In addition to addressing challenging behaviors, our services support clients in achieving improved life skills and abilities, such as daily living, money management, home maintenance, food preparation, personal hygiene, socialization, leisure, and community safety.

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