Grafton is proud to employ physicians, nurses, teachers, therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, direct service professionals, and many many more.

New employees are required to participate in 56 – 64 hours of training before they begin working with the students or adults we serve. The curriculum was designed to cover a breadth of topics ranging from treatment philosophy, characteristics and needs of clients, health and safety issues, behavior management and crisis intervention with an emphasis on trauma-informed care and Grafton’s unique “Ukeru” approach first aid/CPR, and relevant policies and procedures. The training also includes several hours of observation and instruction in the working environment.

During their first six months at Grafton, new employees receive on-the-job support and instruction from their supervisors and are required to complete a curriculum consisting of online and classroom courses and assignments, designed to provide the additional knowledge and skills needed in their jobs. Employees who will administer medication must first complete a 32-hour Medication Aide training course. Grafton also provides training to new supervisors on topics pertaining to their supervision responsibilities. Through the implementation of performance-based job descriptions and performance monitoring tools, supervisors can monitor the direct support employees’ application of skills and knowledge.

Grafton has developed a Job Ladder System for direct support professionals. This program provides the opportunity to expand skills and knowledge. When employees have met certain time-in-position requirements, have completed specific courses and assignments and have demonstrated proficient performance, they may move up the Direct Support Professional Job Ladder and be recognized and compensated, accordingly.

Grafton employees also must fulfill certain annual training requirements. Training offered during a particular year will include those required by regulatory agencies as well as topics that will enhance performance or promote a new initiative within a particular program or across the organization. Instruction may be delivered through online courses available through Grafton’s electronic learning management system or through classroom training. Additionally, employees attend program-specific in-service training sessions.

All employee training is monitored through Grafton’s learning management system. Training content is reviewed and updated, as needed.

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