Employee Spotlight: Chad Lesman

Chad Lesman is a career and technical education teacher at the Ruth Birch Center, supporting the community-based classrooms. Why did you want to work in behavioral healthcare? Grafton is the… Read More

Learning Social Skills and Becoming a Mentor

Aidan*, who once had significant behavioral challenges, is now seen by his teachers and peers as a role model at his school. Aidan was diagnosed with high functioning Autism, disruptive… Read More

Talking about Autism Awareness Month

As an organization that has worked with individuals with Autism for the past six decades, it’s no surprise that Autism Awareness Month is top of mind at Grafton. As a… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Lisa Marshall

Dr. Lisa Marshall is Executive Director of Grafton’s Children’s Community-Based Services. Lisa has been with the organization since 2004 and has played different roles throughout her tenure. Prior to her… Read More

Changing Dynamics for Early Intervention Services

In 2009, Grafton partnered with the City of Winchester to provide children in six different localities — Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Page and Shenandoah County as well as the City of… Read More

Much More Than a Science Lesson

A science fair is a rite of passage for many elementary school students. The baking- soda volcanoes and Styrofoam models of the universe can even elicit eye rolls from many… Read More