Changing Dynamics for Early Intervention Services

In 2009, Grafton partnered with the City of Winchester to provide children in six different localities — Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Page and Shenandoah County as well as the City of… Read More

Much More Than a Science Lesson

A science fair is a rite of passage for many elementary school students. The baking- soda volcanoes and Styrofoam models of the universe can even elicit eye rolls from many… Read More

This is What Progress Looks Like

Most of us take the typical back and forth of conversation for granted. But for individuals like Ben*, having a dialogue with someone is not to be taken lightly. Because… Read More

The Show Must Go On

With the holidays well behind us, there are several fond memories of family and friends that I will take into the New Year. However, the one moment that has stayed with… Read More

The Power of the Parent

By Jessica Judd, Grafton Adult Services Community Engagement Program Manager Parents are fixers. It’s what we do. If something isn’t going right for our children, we take the bull by the… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Tyler Satterfield

  “You never limit a child by their limitations, you can only move them forward by what makes them exceptional.” Tyler Satterfield is a teacher in Grafton’s Winchester Therapeutic Day… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Gretchen Ward

Gretchen Ward is Grafton’s Consult and Liaison Occupational Therapist. In recognition of World OT Day, we thought hearing directly from Gretchen would not only be timely, but fascinating! Why did… Read More

Friendship Leads to Endless Possibilities

True friendship is a profound experience. It is even more profound when verbal communication is not possible. That is what makes the friendship between John* and Mathew,* both of whom… Read More