Friendship Leads to Endless Possibilities

True friendship is a profound experience. It is even more profound when verbal communication is not possible. That is what makes the friendship between John* and Mathew,* both of whom… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Nakeysha Stevenson

Having had several roles throughout her 15-year Grafton tenure, today Nakeysha Stevenson is a Program Support Supervisor at the Berryville campus. What is your background? I always felt that I… Read More

Happier Mind, Healthier Body

By Bethany Deitz, MS, BCBA, LBA, Director of Adult Services   “I think the healthy way to live is to make friends with the beast inside oneself, and that means… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Rachael Reeder

Why did you want to work in behavioral healthcare? I’ve always been passionate about psychology. I like trying to understand not only how people work, but how they and their… Read More

Molding a Child’s Mind—To Censor or Not

It makes sense, given the range in popular opinion about children and media (music, video games, social media, television and movies), that there would be differences in view about these in the psychiatric residential treatment (PRT) setting. Grafton’s PRT in Berryville tends to take a fairly restrictive approach that is directed by therapeutic professionals. For example, clients are not allowed to access social media, have limited use of sports-centered and nonviolent video games, and watch minimal television and movies that are monitored for sexual, profane and violent content. But do these restrictions make sense given the clients will return to a community and environment where these medium will be widely accessible?

Finding a Safe Space at a Grafton Group Home

Joshua is a charming 18-year-old with a history of significant and frequent aggressive, self-injurious and disruptive behaviors — such as charging at, and attempting to bite others — that resulted… Read More

Time at Grafton Leads to a Transition Home

Charlie*, a 13-year-old boy, has a history of suicidal ideation, telling falsehoods, bullying others as well as being bullied, and demonstrating a lack of empathy. He was hospitalized after an… Read More

Early Intervention Helps a Toddler to Thrive

Alishba*, a beautiful two-and-a-half year old girl, was diagnosed with partial trisomy 13 — a rare genetic disorder — as well as other congenital abnormalities. Though born full term, Alishba… Read More

Change: It Begins with Our Thoughts

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.” Amelia Earhart

Change can be scary. All of us have experienced this in varying degrees – whether we initiate a change or life makes that decision for us. Unchartered territory and the “what if’s” seem to consume our fears and before long, we are living in a parallel universe of doubt and anxiety rather than true reality.