Maryland Salem Children’s Trust Opportunities

Maryland Salem Children’s trust is now working with Grafton to extend opportunities for serving youth in need in our community! We will be operational by September 2021.

The Maryland Salem Children’s Trust, Inc. (Salem) first opened its doors in Garrett County, Maryland in 1979, providing a home, therapy, and educational services to abused and neglected children. The Salem community, though not affiliated with any single denomination, was founded and functions on Christian principles, offering healing to hurting children and their families.

in April 2021, Salem entered a joint venture partnership with Grafton Integrated Health Network, a Virginia-based behavioral health organization that has more than six decades of leadership in providing person-centered, trauma-informed, and data driven care.

Now, Salem brings to bear its history and expertise, complemented by Grafton’s, to reach a new population with needs equal to those we have always served – children with autism, intellectual disabilities, and complex mental health challenges. And we are seeking dedicated professionals to join us!

We are actively seeking qualified candidates for the teaching position – please take a look at the job description here or contact if you are interested in this unique opportunity.