Grafton’s top priority is the health, safety and security of clients, families, and staff. That is never truer than in times of crisis, such as a natural disaster or, today, during the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. We know all of you are as concerned, too, and that you want to have a clear view as to how our organization is addressing the virus. This page is intended to serve as the central location for the latest information. It will be updated in real time, as details become available.

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We have compiled some useful Coronavirus-related resources for parents here.

The following information has been shared directly with parents, guardians and colleagues related to the adjustments in our operations:

As of June 7, Grafton is entering Phase II of the plan to relax restrictions. This includes:

  • Resumption of on-site visits with families in the children’s services program.
  • Visits with guardians will be the first priority – no extended family will be permitted initially.
  • Additional priorities include: discharging clients, agency monthly visits, foster family or transition placement interviews, and medical visits.
  • Specific visitation days will be designated. The number and length of visits, as well as the number of visitors, during those days will be limited.
  • All on-site visits must be scheduled via the client’s case manager. We are not accepting unscheduled visits due to the need to ensure proper sanitation and social distancing.
  • All visitors will be screened. If determined to have been exposed to COVID-19, they will not be able to visit with any Grafton client.
  • Visitors will be asked to wash their hands, wear masks, and use social distancing to the greatest extent possible.
  • Grafton will disinfect all surfaces after each visit.

Grafton began Phase One relaxation of restrictions on May 18, which included:

  • The resumption of non-urgent medical procedures by practitioners outside of Grafton at the discretion of our medical teams.
  • Outside contractors will restart services at Grafton – they will be masked at all times when they are inside our facilities, and maintain separation from our residents.
  • Our corporate office will resume normal operations.
  • We will allow our staff to travel between sites, following a protocol involving masks, hand hygiene, self-monitoring and social distancing.

Additional details include:

  • A team of medical leadership, which meets daily, is overseeing Grafton’s COVID-19 efforts.
  • Grafton has adopted the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for nursing homes for our programs.
  • We are working directly with the Virginia Department of Health (DOH) Lord Fairfax Health District as well as Richmond officials. The DOH epidemiologist provided us with guidance and is keeping us up to date with the most recent information regarding COVID-19.
  • Our medical staff have scenario-planned potential exposure events in collaboration with external authorities.
  • We have redoubled efforts to sanitize surfaces throughout each facility and program, and have communicated widely and repeatedly about the importance of proper coughing/sneezing etiquette as well as hand washing hygiene protocol per CDC standards.
  • We are screening all referrals to Grafton facilities, both prior to and at the time of admission. Those with symptoms of respiratory illness and fever will not be admitted without clearance from external medical resources.
  • We have extended our limitations on visitation. Routine visitation and outside activities involving contact with groups in the community will be suspended until we have passed the most acute phase in the pandemic.
  • We have suspended therapeutic passes and face-to-face family therapy.
  • We are continuing to provide schooling to our youth in their group homes and at the Berryville campus within guidance provided by Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services.
  • We have advised external stakeholders (like social workers, school officials, and other outside providers) to refrain from visiting our site or participating in our meetings. We have encouraged their participation through teleconference.
  • Food reserves, pharmaceuticals and other protective equipment have been stocked at all sites.

ON June 25, 2020 we agreed to implement the following procedures effective July 2, 2020

On-site visits for Adult Services clients

The on-site visit procedure outlined above for children will begin for adult services clients. Visits will be conducted with screening and PPE as described in the on-site children’s visits above. The visits will take place either at the client’s group home (outside only) or at another designated site within the region.

Off site visits for Adults will begin at a later date as determined by Grafton’s leadership in consultation with the Covid-19 Monitoring Group. Many adult services clients have medical conditions that render them at high risk from Covid-19. Determinations about off site visits will be based upon the risk profile of the group home, the intended length and location of the visit, and current conditions throughout the Commonwealth. Any off site visit will follow the protocols under “Therapeutic Passes” below.

Community outings for Children’s Services clients

We recommend that any community outings occur in groups of no more than 10 individuals, that social distance be maintained, and that sites with low density of people be selected only. We will utilize outdoor activities only to start. All community outings must be approved by the regional Executive Director, and we recommend high accountability – no variances will be tolerated.

Community activities should be two or less hours in duration. The Monitoring Committee will provide a list of approved activities that are appropriate, and deviation from this list or additions must be approved by the Executive Director of the region.

Upon return, the van will be completely cleaned and sanitized by staff, using gloves, masks and appropriate cleaning products.

Community outings for Adult Services clients will begin at a later time.


You can find additional Coronavirus information from the CDC here.