COVID-19 Distance Learning

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Grafton’s priority is continuing to support the individuals to whom we provide care. We do not want to disrupt services for youth—especially those with special needs. That is why, as soon as our communities were required to close schools, we immediately set to work on a distance learning plan for our students.

Given that we have to respect the privacy of the homes that we are teleconferencing into, and given the high need for engagement directly with a special needs learner, we have adapted our services in a variety of ways. Read our distance learning plan.

Watch the following videos for a preview of what to expect during a distance learning lesson:

The schedules and curriculum for distance learning at each Grafton location are available below:

Berryville Zoom Schedule

Richmond Zoom Schedule

Winchester Zoom Schedule


For any questions on Grafton’s distance learning program, please contact