The Case for Giving

For over 50 years Grafton has made a difference in the lives of people challenged by complex disabilities. Beginning at the kitchen table of Ruth Birch, and developing into a multi-state provider of many different services, Grafton is a vibrant and essential part of our community. Your funds help us to:

  • Fund creative and innovative services that that would otherwise not be affordable such as;
    • Music therapy
    • Art therapy
    • Library services
    • Animal assisted intervention in partnership with Paws4People
    • Equestrian therapy
  • Development of best practices and thought leadership such as;
    • Ukeru, our award-winning non-coercive intervention approach and,
    • Goal Mastery, an innovative system for tracking and ensuring consumer progress
  • Offset expenses for educational services that would otherwise go unfunded
  • Sponsor continuing education of current staff to improve qualifications, etc
  • Support a thought leader combating the epidemic of autism
  • Develop community resources to combat the epidemic of autism


  • Healthcare reform means that standard funding streams are being rethought/changed challenged
  • Recession has put the Commonwealth into financial stress, and the Medicaid budget is a huge part of the budget.
  • There is a great need to develop innovative approaches to the treatment of those with autism. 1 in 88 children have an autism spectrum disorder according to the CDC
  • Our groundbreaking work in Ukeru and Goal Mastery requires dedicated time and resources, hard to come by in this era of financial uncertainty