I am so grateful for the services you have provided for our child. It helped our family stay together in a time of crisis. Thank you for your compassion and continuing care.

— Grafton Parent

Grafton understands that the most important thing for parents is an assurance that their loved one is safe and well cared for – this, combined with the organization’s clinical expertise, makes it a trusted partner for families.

Parents and families are critical to an individual’s success. Grafton will partner closely with you to provide the best possible care and achieve the best outcomes for your child.

Each person gets their own plan – we understand that one size does not fit all. Our approach is person-centered, trauma-sensitive and data-driven — not only based on experience, but also latest research — with each plan of care as unique as the individual it serves. We employ a trauma-informed approach, creating a supportive, caregiving environment which focuses on comfort vs. control and is sensitive to clients’ past experiences of violence and victimization. Through this philosophy, we help clients thrive in the least restrictive environment consistent with achieving the best outcome.

Grafton supports the recovery and well-being of clients and families by:

  • Enhancing their quality of life
  • Reducing their symptoms, addressing their needs and building resilience
  • Restoring or improving their functioning
  • Supporting their integration into the community

Hear directly from some of the parents whose children are served at Grafton:

Additional useful information for parents & families:

  • Learn more about the Grafton experience through the stories of some of our clients
  • Contact our Admission department at admissions@grafton.org
  • If you are a current/former client and would like a copy of your Grafton record, fax your request to 540-722-8695 or call 540-542-0200, ext 6521
  • Nutrition is important! Current menus for all Grafton facilities are available here

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