“They have a very comprehensive set of services - psychiatric services, medical management, nursing and education staff – they are able to address all of that and serve students with ID and autism.”

Industry professional


Grafton offers the right mix of expertise, services and innovation to behavioral healthcare partners in a growing and rapidly changing environment. Our team achieves proven results, even in particularly complex cases. In fact, we are able to accept – and, based on clearly defined indicators, succeed with – the most challenging clients, many of whom have a co-occurring diagnosis.

A commitment to minimizing restraint and seclusion. Over a decade ago, Grafton made a commitment to minimize or, where possible, eliminate the use of restraint and seclusion. This initiative resulted in compelling data, experience, and most importantly, outcomes – reducing the use of restraints by 99.8 percent, completely eliminating the use of seclusion, lowering workers’ compensation policy costs and reducing employee turnover for a total return on investment of over $15 million. It also led to the creation of Ukeru, a Grafton business that shares our knowledge and experience with other organizations seeking to minimize the use of coercive approaches in their own organizations.

Gathering relevant data. Grafton’s “Goal Mastery Initiative” is a structured and sustainable system that identifies, monitors, and evaluates client progress, embedding data-based decision-making into cross-disciplinary planning and treatment.

A holistic continuum of services. Grafton provides an integrated continuum of care — including educational, early intervention, outpatient, residential and short-term stabilization services as well as career and technical training — helping clients thrive in a variety of settings. Our breadth of sub-specialty expertise makes it a one-stop solution for complex clients.

Above all, Grafton seeks to be a dedicated partner to the communities we serve. Hear from Grafton Executive Vice President, Scott Zeiter, as he provides an overview of Grafton including our history, services and unique approach.