Dennis P. Morrison, Ph.D.

Dr. Dennis Morrison is a private consultant providing services to the behavioral health information field. He served as the Chief Clinical Officer for Netsmart Technologies, the largest U.S. provider of electronic health records and related technologies in the behavioral health, social services, and post-acute care markets. Prior to that, he served as CEO of Centerstone Research Institute, a company created to manage the clinical research and information technology needs of four merged mental health treatment organizations—creating a $120M multistate provider organization (Centerstone) that serves 70,000 consumers per year.

From 1995-2008, Dr. Morrison was the CEO of one of the merger partners that created Centerstone, Center for Behavioral Health (CBH). Under his leadership, CBH won the Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations Ernest A. Codman Award for excellence in the use of outcomes measurement and the Health Information Management Systems Society’s Nicholas E. Davies Award for Excellence in the implementation of Electronic Health Records.

Dr. Morrison holds two Masters degrees in Psychology and Exercise Physiology as well as a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University. He is a prolific author, frequent presenter (including a TEDx talk), podcast host, and co-inventor on a patent for a behavioral healthcare outcomes software product. He serves on several academic, non-profit, and international boards and also has served in the United States Navy as an Aerospace Physiologist training, among others, members of TOPGUN in the physiological hazards of flight and land and water survival. He is a licensed, instrument-rated private pilot and triathlete.