Marc Phillip Jaccard

Mr. Jaccard is the Executive Director of the Henry and William Evans Home, having joined the organization as Program Director in 1995. He has several decades of experience working with children across a range of areas—including substance abuse prevention, education, and treatment of children with special needs— and has served as a consultant at the federal, state, and local level and to primary through college educators.

Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Jaccard helped to develop, open, and direct operations for Charter Brook Hospital in Atlanta, GA, a private hospital for the treatment of children with substance abuse addictions. He has also assisted in the development and establishment of the Community Assistance Program in Winchester and Frederick County, VA, including educational programming, support group coordination and facilitation, and long range community action planning. A devoted husband and father of three, Mr. Jaccard’s goal has always been to create a permanent home in which children feel safe enough to dream.