Tony Sanders

Tony Sanders has dedicated his entire career to Grafton. He started as a Residential Instructor in 1985 while also working as a 1:1 Instructor. As he continued to grow within the organization, he worked in many different facets of the business—from direct service with clients to roles on the executive team making. His experience provides a unique, holistic understanding of all aspects of serving Grafton’s clients.

Tony’s roles within Grafton are far ranging, from Overnight Supervisor and Duty Coordinator to Business Development Administrator and, later, Residential Administrator. He has also served as Regional Director for Berryville, Director of Risk Management and Director of Operations for Psychiatric Treatment. Having served in direct service roles himself, Tony understands the challenges faced by Grafton’s workforce every day. Now, as part of the management, he takes this into account when making decisions.

Today, Tony is the Chief Operating Officer, Facility-Based Services regions. He has spent the past 14 years focused on making Grafton an even safer environment for employees and clients. His goal is for safety and risk management to continue to be at the forefront of every Grafton team member’ mind. In his role, he ensures that Grafton has a process to carefully assess incidents which pose risk to employees and clients, determine the underlying cause of those problems, and build action plans that decrease the risk of those problems occurring again.