“They look at the person holistically: not just looking at one area, but how they can serve in a broad, lifetime scope.”

— CSA Administrator

Grafton’s breadth of sub-specialty expertise makes it a one-stop solution for complex clients. Our diverse clinical competence goes well beyond that of many other organizations.

We often accept – and, based on clearly defined indicators, are successful with – the most challenging clients, many of whom have a co-occurring diagnosis. For nearly 60 years, we have provided an integrated continuum of care — including educational, early intervention, outpatient, residential and short-term stabilization services as well as career and technical training. Today, we are proud to help clients thrive in a variety of settings.

In addition, the rigor Grafton applies to measuring progress in clients’ plan of care, and in using the data gathered through this process to inform future treatment decisions, makes the organization unique among its peers.

Hear from Grafton Executive Vice President, Scott Zeiter, as he provides an overview of Grafton including our history, services and unique approach.

Hear first hand about the experiences others have had in working with Grafton.