The following clinical services are available to all children based on their individual needs:

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided by a Master’s level clinician whose background is in social work, psychological counseling or psychiatric nursing. Consultation is available from a licensed psychologist or a psychiatrist. A clinician consults with all staff members about individual students and observes students in the classroom and in informal situations such as the dorm or group home. Broad spectrum behavior therapy is the frame of reference for the consultation. The clinician, utilizing counseling as an integral part of the therapeutic environment, uses a range of techniques including developing, implementing and monitoring behavioral management programs, cognitive behavior therapy, behavioral rehearsal, didactics, contracting, contingency management and generalization to the natural environment.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is provided by a Master’s level clinician and emphasizes strength-based therapeutic interventions and supports for growth and skills development. Goals of group therapy include but are not limited to: channeling self-destructive and aggressive behavior into healthy alternatives, improving communication and socialization skills, and improving conflict resolution skills.

Family Counseling

Family counseling occurs with individuals and their primary caretakers. This service systematically identifies familial adjustment problems and their solutions. The pre-placement team and/or the placing agencies determine the need for family counseling. The service is provided by a Master’s level counselor whose background is in social work, psychological counseling or psychiatric nursing. A licensed psychologist and/or psychiatrist is available to consult with the family counselor. The family therapist/counselor works with the individual therapist/counselor and the treatment team, thus extending care beyond the residential environment. System theory supported by behavioral objectives is the frame of reference for counseling. Techniques used include role-playing, modeling, didactics, contracting and conflict resolution. Family counseling is an important part of re-integrating the individual and the other family members into a working family unit.

Speech & Language Therapy

Licensed and/or certified speech/language therapists provide services designed to teach functional communication skills in all applicable settings. Therapists may utilize alternative communication systems for those children and youth for whom verbal language is not an effective communication mode. Speech/language therapy sessions are conducted in classrooms, dorms, group homes and community or vocational settings, as well as in therapy rooms, to ensure generalization of intentional and interactional language skills. Therapists serve in a consultative role with all staff members who interact with individuals receiving services and with their families to ensure that staff members and parents have the skills necessary to facilitate and effectively reinforce language growth and development.

Occupational Therapy

Sensorimotor development and integration skills are taught to children and youth who need to develop these skills in order to perform academic, vocational and self-care tasks. Specialized training may be scheduled individually or in small group sessions of two or three individuals. Therapy sessions are conducted in classrooms, dorms, group homes and community and vocational settings, as well as in specially equipped therapy rooms. The service includes consultation with the treatment team to ensure appropriate planning for the child or youth, to ensure that all treatment team members are working on similar goals and to provide carryover of the treatment effects.

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