In partnership with the City of Winchester’s Department of Social Services, Grafton provides early intervention services for children aged birth to age three. The Infant & Toddler Connection (ITC) of Shenandoah Valley is tailored to local children—from birth to age three—with disabilities. The ITC program supports six different localities including Frederick County, Clarke County, Warren County, Page County, Shenandoah County and the City of Winchester.

The Infant & Toddler Connection of Shenandoah Valley teaches, coaches and mentors families of children who exhibit a developmental delay or a mental and/or physical condition that gets in the way of their development. Our staff are certified by the state as Early Intervention professionals and our clinical providers are all licensed in their disciplines.

Research supports that early intervention increases the developmental, social and educational gains for the child, improves the functioning of the family and reaps long-term benefits for society at large. For this reason, families are encouraged to seek help as soon as they or their pediatrician has a concern. Once a referral is made, a Service Coordinator will visit the family in their home and complete a screening of the child’s skills. This information will assist in determining if a child is eligible for services and begin the assessment process and development of an Individual Family Service Plan.

The program is voluntary and services can start and stop at any time. In addition, all services are done in settings the child is most comfortable, typically their home. Parents are their child’s best teachers and for this reason, the ITC- SV uses a Parent –Coaching Approach during all visits. Parents are active participants in their child’s treatment and are taught strategies that can be used through daily routines that will help their child meet an outcome.

The Infant & Toddler Connection of Shenandoah Valley welcomes all parent and provider inquiries. For more information, please visit our web site at or give us a call at 540-635-2452.

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