Educational Objective of Each School Program

Grafton has four different programs that are dependent on the functioning levels of the student and are determined by the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team. The different attributes and the educational objective details of each of these programs can be located in the annually updated “Program of Studies Handbook.” In each program, Grafton meets or exceeds teacher to student ratios defined in state regulations. There is at least 1 teacher for every 8 students along with 1 to 3 instructional assistants. The number of instructional assistants is dependent on the individualized needs of the students.

Integrated Program

This program exists for those students whose IEPs indicates that they cannot meet in full the requirements of the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs). The students in this program participate in the Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP) or the alternate assessment program of their placing state.

This program is designed for the student who needs a highly specialized learning environment in functional life skills. The educational objectives include daily living, occupational preparation, and guidance. Blended into the program objectives are the academic areas of reading, mathematics, history/social science, and science, which are based on the aligned state standards of learning. Students participate in learning with emphasis on communication skills in functional context.

The student may spend a portion of each school day in career and technology training as called for in the IEP. The areas covered include job coaching experiences, vocational training opportunities, and/or supported work placements. These work experiences may be in school or community-based. Students generally spend time daily in integrated community settings (stores, restaurants, etc.) so that skills can be learned in the settings in which they will be used. The completion of this program and the requirements of the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) results in the issuance of a Special Diploma

Modified Program

The Modified Program exists for those students whose IEP team indicates that they can participate in the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) or Virginia Grade Level Assessment (VGLA) program. The objective of this program is to increase competency in reading and mathematics while providing a strong functional content-based program. Students who satisfactorily complete this program receive a Modified Standards Diploma in Virginia.

General Education Program

The General Education Program exists for those students whose IEP team indicates that they can fully participate in the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) or Virginia Grade Level Assessment (VGLA) program. The objective of this program is to increase competency in the four core academic subject areas of English, mathematics, history, social science and science. In addition to these subject areas, Grafton’s blended curriculum provides a balance of functional skills that lead to successful transitioning into adult living. Students who satisfactorily complete this program receive a Standard Diploma in Virginia.

Public School Integration

Grafton provides opportunities for public school integration to many students. Attending public school classes often is a major component of a transition plan. In other circumstances, it may be part of the treatment plan and require that the student remain on a certain “level;” that is, demonstrate specific appropriate behaviors. Some students are enrolled in public schools and earn high school credit in the standard curriculum. For students with developmental disabilities, public school integration provides opportunities for interactions with typical peers. This may mean participation in reading, math or vocational classes, physical education or music, or eating lunch and playing at recess. Staffing for public school integration is dependent on the expected outcome of the activity and the student’s level of independence.

Grafton offers a variety of vocational training experiences for students in high school and middle school. Student earning high school modified and standard diploma credit have the opportunity to take a sequence of courses on specific topics to provide deeper exploration of subject matter and often marketable skill competency.

Every classroom has a computer, and most school sites have computer labs for training students. The Vocational program facilitates job placements for students able to work without extensive supervision. The program also implements a community-based vocational instruction program which places students with Grafton vocational instructors in training situations in the community. Vocational skills stressing time on-task behaviors and social skills needed for successful functioning in the workplace are also taught in all our schools in addition to specific job competencies.

Educational Tracks

Grafton has a range of educational programs for
all types of clients.

  • Integrated Program
  • Modified Program
  • General Education Program
  • Public School Integration

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