infant mental health

Early Intervention: Building a Strong Foundation for Positive Infant Mental Health

We’ve all seen it, the toddler at the grocery store attempting to explore something novel on the shelf only to be jerked away by their arm and yelled at by a caregiver, in language I will not repeat. But the message is clear…. “ you get on my nerves, I resent having to watch you, you interfere with my time, you’re not important for me to find out what caught your attention”. Another glance at the toddler and you can see on his face that this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Their eyes are windows to their soul and often you can see the emptiness, hopelessness and simmering anger reflected.

What’s new in Early Intervention?

Early Intervention needs and services grow as rapidly as the children served. Early Intervention is experiencing exciting growth in services for children who demonstrate the red flags for autism. As there has been an increase in drug epidemics in local communities and an increase in referrals of infants exposed to substance abuse, there is a prominent focus on infant mental health.