2022 Grafton Annual Report:


Grafton builds its approach on “meeting people at their best”—meaning clients’ own interests and skills are the basis for all teaching. This was a core philosophy of Grafton’s founder, Ruth Birch, who believed in identifying each client’s area of interest and building their plan of care around that.

The best way to understand Grafton’s clients is to hear from them and their families directly. In 2022, we had the opportunity to talk to Grafton alumni and parents about their experiences.


As a client at Berryville, Franny looked forward to off-campus trips, which motivated her to behave better. She would go to basketball games, mall outings, and church—which she loves. On campus, she especially enjoyed dog therapy.

“I’m a huge animal lover. It didn’t even feel like therapy. Loving on the dogs was just really fun for me,” says Franny, who later worked as a kennel technician and graduated from college this year with a degree in Criminal Justice.

“(The staff) really liked their jobs and genuinely wanted to help and give advice. It was more than just a paycheck to them.” She even connected with some of her favorite Grafton employees on Facebook when she turned 18.

“Grafton gave me all the resources, but ultimately it was up to me to change and take a different route in life.”

– Franny, Grafton Client

Brooke & Cheryl Warren

Cheryl Warren’s 13-year-old daughter, Brooke, is a day student and former residential client at Grafton. Learn how Grafton has helped Brooke, and her family, in this candid interview.

“I think the Ukeru method is a method that should be universal.”

– Cheryl Warren, Grafton Parent

Tyler & Sally Nelson

Sally Nelson’s son, Tyler, is a residential client in Grafton’s Adult Services program. Learn how Grafton has helped her son, and her family, in this candid interview.

“I know he is taken care of, and I know he’s safe. He’s in a good place.”

– Sally Nelson, Grafton Parent