2022 Grafton Annual Report:

Trauma-Informed Crisis Approach

Ukeru is currently being used in over 400 organizations, not only across the U.S., but also in Canada and New Zealand. Ukeru highlights from the past year include:

Offering a training set of our blocking equipment to familiarize organizations with the different pieces and support their training efforts.

Showcasing our customers’ incredible success in a series of monthly case studies.

Appearing in many media pieces throughout the year. We are particularly proud to have been featured as an alternative approach to restraint and seclusion in CTV W5’s investigation into the use of coercive approaches in schools across Canada.

Speaking at several conferences, including The Joint Commission and The Association of Children’s Residential & Community.

Expanding to five new U.S. states and New Zealand—the country’s first trainer is very excited to bring Ukeru back to his organization, Westbridge Residential School.

Creating several new videos highlighting customer success and why Ukeru should be used in every school, as well as a new animated video explaining our system!