Grafton’s Richmond facility consists of an educational site and twelve group homes. The educational/residential program assists students and adults whose diagnoses include autism and mental retardation, as well as behavioral, learning and emotional disorders. Students attend special education classes where alternative learning techniques are used to help them become successful in a classroom environment. The adult program concentrates on the development of domestic and social skills, behavioral self-management and communication.

The establishment and expansion of the regional center in Richmond exemplifies Grafton’s mission by allowing individuals to live, learn and grow within their home community. Families, friends, schools and community service providers can help build a support network for such individuals, fostering solid personal relationships in familiar surroundings.

The Richmond facility was opened in 1989 in response to a change in treatment philosophy and the growing need for services in the Richmond area. Grafton Richmond currently provides support to a number of public school systems and community services organizations throughout Virginia.

Educational Facility

Grafton’s nearly 30,000-square-foot educational facility combines comfortable living quarters designed foster group interaction as well as recreational and other amenities. The center has 11 classrooms serving seven to ten individuals in each, 5 therapy offices, an occupational therapy room, library, art room, music room, infirmary, catering kitchen, apartment, and a middle school-sized gymnasium that doubles as a cafeteria.

Richmond Staff Bios

At the educational facility, students are engaged in various activities to foster development.

Classes are grouped around different ability levels.

Nutritious meals are served in the cafeteria.

Group Homes

Grafton’s group homes provide adults with the ability to live in a supervised residential setting with the support and monitoring they need.

The group homes are in the residential areas of the community.

Under supervised care, residents in the group homes develop independent living & socialization skills & develop responsibility for maintaining their home.

Support is provided to develop and encourage functional living skills.

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