Trauma-Informed Care

Grafton employs a trauma-informed approach, creating a supportive, caregiving environment sensitive to past experiences of violence and victimization. Our trauma-informed approach, combined with a philosophy of Comfort vs. Control, creates an environment that enhances the experience of both clients and employees. By showing compassion, kindness, and patience, the Grafton team helps clients on the path toward a more fulfilling and independent life.

Our team helps clients thrive in the least restrictive environment consistent with achieving the best outcome. It seeks to achieve the greatest impact during the shortest possible length of stay for each person it serves.

Grafton is so committed to this approach that it created Ukeru, a trauma-informed crisis management technique rooted in the belief that physical restraints are not only unnecessary but also unproductive, and that all intervention should be built on an approach of comfort versus control.

There is no other way to do it – if you don’t have to restrain somebody, why would you? It should just be the way to do things

A mother of an adult son with autism