Comfort vs. Control

In 2004, Grafton committed to minimizing or, where possible, eliminating the use of restraint and seclusion. With the compelling data, experience and, most importantly, outcomes we have achieved, we are now sharing this expertise with other organizations.

Grafton creates a supportive, caregiving environment sensitive to clients’ past experiences of violence and victimization. Through a philosophy of comfort vs. control, we help individuals to thrive in the least restrictive environment consistent with achieving the best outcome. Our approach is based on the most up-to-date research and completely individualized, with each plan of care as unique as the individual it serves.

They look at the person holistically: not just looking at one area, but how they can serve in a broad, lifetime scope.

CSA Administrator

Minimizing Restraint

How do we know this works? We’ve done the work in our own environment and seen the rewards. Since launching our effort to eliminate restraints without compromising employee or client safety, client-induced staff injuries, workers’ compensation premiums, lost time, modified duty days, and turnover have all been dramatically reduced. Most importantly, our efforts have been shown to help improve outcomes; our Goal Mastery rate was 35% at the beginning of the initiative whereas today, it is over 80%.

To share what we’ve learned through out own experience, Grafton started Ukeru Systems, the only restraint-free program that combines hands-on training, theoretical concepts, practical tools, and specialized equipment to safely manage—and diffuse—crises.