I am so grateful for the services you have provided for our child. It helped our family stay together in a time of crisis. Thank you for your compassion and continuing care.

— Grafton Parent


Grafton provides an integrated continuum of care — from short-term stabilization and residential services to outpatient, educational, and career and technical training — helping clients thrive in a variety of settings.

a trauma-informed crisis management technique rooted in the belief that physical restraints are not only unnecessary but also unproductive, and that all intervention should be built on an approach of comfort versus control. Learn more at www.ukerusystems.com
Therapeutic Day Schools
provide a blended curriculum, balancing academic and functional skills, including career and technical training.
Psychiatric Residential Treatment
intensive, trauma-informed treatment in a large, campus-like setting for children and adolescents with co-occurring psychiatric disorders, and those with intellectual disabilities or autism and simultaneous psychiatric conditions.
Therapeutic Community Living Options
community-based residences for adolescents and adults — helping them achieve improved life skills and abilities as well as other challenges that are unable to be addressed in their home environment — in order to lead meaningful, productive lives. Grafton’s dedicated, compassionate and experienced team provides individualized supports intended to help clients in group homes enhance skills in areas such as daily living, money management, home maintenance, food preparation, personal hygiene, socialization, leisure and community safety.
Early Intervention Services
teaches, coaches and mentors families of children who exhibit a developmental delay or mental and/or physical condition that gets in the way of their development.
Outpatient Treatment
through its wholly owned subsidiary, Dominion Center for Behavioral Health Services, Grafton provides outpatient mental health services including behavioral, educational and clinical assessments and consultations.
Applied Behavior Analysis
works with clients and families in home, school, clinic and community settings to improve communication, self-care and social skills and reduce behaviors that pose barriers to safety, well-being and success.