Australian Parliament Representative meets with Grafton Executives

July 9, 2013

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Australian Parliamentary Secretary Visits to Learn About Grafton Model

Winchester, Virginia, July 8, 2013 –Andrea Coote, Parliamentary Secretary for Families and Community Services in Victoria, Australia is scheduled to visit Grafton July 8–July 10th to learn more about Grafton’s best practices. Since 2009, Grafton has been providing consultation and training services in Australia related to “Ukeru”—The Least Resistance Approach to Crisis Management and “REBOOT” a mobile application designed for clinical and organizational decision-making.

Although Grafton had just begun an initiative to reduce restraint and seclusion in 2004, a tragic event at the organization galvanized the entire team towards non-coercive treatment practices.

We don’t want any other organization to go through what we did years ago. We are prepared to share our learning with other organizations because we believe that positive, sustainable outcomes can be replicated everywhere,” shared Kim Sanders, Executive Vice President and Chief Outcomes Officer.

Grafton’s remarkable results were highlighted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 2011, The business case for preventing and reducing restraint and seclusion use,

The SAMHSA issue brief reiterates that the use of restraint and seclusion:

  • Is inconsistently understood and contributes to a cycle of workplace violence and claims as much as 23 to 50 percent of staff time;
  • Accounts for 50 percent of staff injuries;
  • Increases the length of stay, potentially setting recovery back at least 6 months with each occurrence;
  • Raises the risk profile of an organization and incurs liability expenses that can adversely impact the viability of services.

The Parliamentary Secretary’s visit is a significant opportunity to share Grafton’s best practices to ultimately drive change within the disability sector in Australia.

I am really excited to have been invited by Grafton to hear more about how we can work together to implement a new service delivery model that is person-centered, family-driven and will meet the challenges of tomorrow,” said Parliamentary Secretary Coote.

Grafton is also pleased to announce that Virginia Secretary for Health and Human Resources, Dr. Bill Hazel, will be coming to meet Ms. Coote and share in the discussion of the challenges that confront service to individuals with complex disabilities.

Grafton will also be sharing its most recent innovation with these key stakeholders – REBOOT. REBOOT is an outcomes optimization application for mobile devices that is used for tracking skill attainment, communication in real time between the multidisciplinary treatment team and clinical decision-support. It is being developed for use not only within Grafton’s services and programs, but also for wider use in many different settings. This product is a natural evolution of Grafton’s focus on data as the driver of all decisions, both organizational and clinical.

Mrs. Coote was elected to the Parliament in September 1999 and has proved to be a pivotal part of the

Victorian Parliamentary Liberal Party. One of her primary responsibilities within the Disability Sector is to collaborate with individuals, families and organizations to ensure that there is a person-centered approach to disability in Victoria. Following her visit to Grafton, it is expected that Mrs. Coote will report to the Premier Denis Napthine (analogous to State Governor) on her impressions and findings.

These are truly exciting times for Grafton and our Australian liaison partner. We have the unique opportunity to share information about the Grafton model to replicate good clinical outcomes for individuals and families. Our hope is that this will result in a long lasting partnership that will ultimately result in positive outcomes for individuals and families in Australia,” shared Jim Gaynor, CEO/President.

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