Berryville, Virginia, is home to Grafton’s largest Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility and a therapeutic day school.

Psychiatric Residential Treatment

Grafton’s Berryville Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) provides intensive behavioral health treatment to help children and adolescents (ages 6-21) develop the skills necessary to be successful in a community setting.

Our campus is a secure facility and has a 12-foot fence that surrounds the property. It is situated on 19.5 acres in rural Clarke County, Virginia. This location has twelve distinct units, each with programming designed to address the specific needs of no more than nine individuals for each unit. Individual rooms are available for each child served at the PRTF.

Clients are provided opportunities to access music instruction, art activities, animal-assisted intervention, and organized sports activities. A greenhouse is an integral part of an active horticulture program, and clients sell produce and flowers to a local famers’ market. Our residential clients are also enrolled in our on-site, therapeutic day school (see below).

For every client, an initial treatment plan is developed within 24 hours of admission to the PRTF. Once a client is admitted, they are assessed by a Board Certified Psychiatrist and a conceptualization of the child’s and family’s needs is developed by the multidisciplinary team: psychiatrist, nurse, dietician, therapist, allied therapist, teacher, case manager, child, parent and others as needed. A minimum of three individual therapy sessions are provided per week and group therapy is provided as indicated by the individualized treatment plan. In addition, each client has at least three documented therapeutic activities per day.

In addition to residential treatment and special education services, Grafton provides individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and behavior consultation for each child. A full range of medical and nursing support is also available for each client onsite. Holistic medical services are provided and overseen by the Medical Director, who is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and pediatrician. The Medical Director integrates the physiological, physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects of the individual to provide integrated health care.

Additional services such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and psychological assessments are provided based on client need. Contract services with various professionals within the community may also be arranged as needed.

Berryville Day School

Our therapeutic school in Berryville is located at our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center and provides comprehensive, structured, and customized educational services for residential and day students. By combining special education and behavioral health—balancing academic and functional skills—we allow students to recognize their strengths and use them to achieve success in learning across diverse subjects and environments.

We offer a K-12 education, as well as career and technical education. Grafton is committed to accepting students with the most challenging behaviors, many of whom have struggled within traditional school settings. We have a proven track record of helping these individuals achieve—and even surpass—their educational and behavioral goals.

Our Berryville campus provides:

  • Playgrounds, gymnasiums, and recreational space
  • Computers, tablets, and SMARTboards in each classroom
  • Specialized facilities for subjects like art, music therapy, cooking, and gardening
  • Supervised excursions for hands-on learning in the community
  • Enhanced security systems to ensure student safety
  • Nutritious and appropriate meals and snacks
  • Medical care by professional nursing staff

Many of our high school students are eligible to participate in Grafton’s vocational skills programming in addition to core academics. These students have the opportunity to enroll in a range of courses that fit their interests and abilities, such as clerical, horticultural, and food service classes. When students have mastered skills in the classroom, they are paid to work part-time here at Grafton, or they can work off-site through our Community-Based Education course.

The Community-Based Education course has helped dozens of students to gain real-world volunteer and work experience out in the community. Grafton collaborates with many businesses and organizations in Virginia, including restaurants, warehouses, retails stores, and plant nurseries. All of our students receive payment through Grafton’s stipend program, while participating businesses and organizations benefit from the work of our student volunteers.

Berryville Leadership Team

Rachael Reeder, Executive Director, Berryville
Tony Sanders, Chief Operating Officer, Facility-Based Program


180 Grafton Lane
Berryville, VA 22611


Donnie Davis
888-955-5205 (ext. 6461)

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