Building the Network

We are extremely pleased to announce, just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month, our exciting new partnership with the Dominion Center for Behavioral Health Services (DCBHS) is now joint owner of the practice with Dr. Wayne Villeneuve, owner and CEO.  This clinic expands Grafton’s services and provides a full spectrum of care including psychological testing, neuropsychological services, therapy, medication management, and more.  This partnership is a natural extension of Grafton’s work and is a reflection of our core beliefs about behavioral healthcare: 

Services should be readily available.  DCBHSworks directly with clients to speed entrance into servicesand overcome the hurdles of attaining insurance authorization.  The clinic has strong relationships with insurance companies, which arenecessary to expedite care to those in need quickly and seamlessly.  Dr. Villeneuve also works with community stakeholders, such as the school system in Loudoun and local primary care providers, to ensure that clients can access care with DCBHS via a number of “front doors.”  We look forward to the day when access can occur as easily as a hand-off from a primary care doctor directly to an intake clinician from DCBHS – true medical and behavioral healthcare integration.  Together we will make that a reality.

Services should be linked to a continuum of care.  Through our partnership, the clinical staff of DCBHS will have access to a range of services beyond outpatient treatment.  Grafton provides special education services, applied behavior analysis, residential stabilization, and much more.  Look for more services to start up in the very near future, such as intensive programs and programs geared toward substance abuse recovery.   In the end, we need to provide the right level of care at the right time, with a guarantee of positive outcome.  A continuum of care is the only way to ensure that this can happen routinely and without needless roadblocks.

Services should be consumer-directed, not cookie-cutter.  DCBHS has programs and services addressing issues including IEP advocacy (assisting parents in obtaining needed special education services for their children), parenting groups, and CogMed, an approach designed to leverage the brain’s neuroplasticity to increase working memory and retention.  Therapists are trained in EMDR (a technique used to help victims of traumatic experiences), attachment theory (for children with histories of disrupted early attachment), cognitive approaches, and more.  In short, it is a one-stop shop for a variety of services, each available and tailored to the individual client’s need.

Together, we want to expand this practice, continue to broaden its offerings, and create a truly community-based option for treatment that is on-time, effective, and primary – not reactive, regimented and frankly expensive, like so much of the health care system.  Our Leesburg outpatient program will be consolidated with DCBHS in the coming months, and we look forward to building upon the outstanding foundation Dr. Villeneuve has built.