Continuum News

Vol 3 • Issue 1 • Jan 2012

A New Approach: Intensive Short Term Residential Stabilization At Grafton Integrated Health Network (GIHN), it is our goal to help vulnerable and high-risk populations lead better, more independent lives. Every… Read More

Vol 2 • Issue 4 • Sep 2011

Over the past year, we have worked to merge two organizations – Grafton and Graydon Manor – each with more than 50 years of experience in helping vulnerable and high-risk… Read More

Vol 2 • Issue 3 • Jun 2011

While the debate over the efficacy of residential treatment continues, there is no question that there are cases where clients – in particular, children and adolescents – are too acute… Read More

Vol 2 • Issue 2 • Mar 2011

Self-Determination and The Power of Choice Often, we talk about the science and data behind the services we provide. There is no question, both are absolutely critical to achieving our… Read More

Vol 2 • Issue 1 • Jan 2011

Individuals with disabilities represent one of the largest minority groups seeking employment in today’s marketplace. Three years ago, Grafton set out with a plan to better provide clients with concrete… Read More

Vol 1 • Issue 5 • Sep 2010

Last December, Grafton was chosen as the lead agency for Infant & Toddler Connection (ITC) of Shenandoah Valley. This program is extremely unique in its approach, seeking to address a… Read More

Vol 1 • Issue 4 • Jun 2010

In recent issues of Continuums, I’ve focused on the relevance of residential treatment as a vital component in an integrated system of care. Another critical element in any integrated continuum… Read More

Vol 1 • Issue 3 • Mar 2010

There has been much recent debate on the appropriate utilization of residential treatment for children with intensive behavioral health needs. Many have voiced concerns related to the cost and efficacy… Read More

Vol 1 • Issue 2 • Jan 2010

I often say with great pride that Grafton takes – and, based on clearly defined indicators, is successful with – the most challenging clients. Most of these clients have co-occurring… Read More

Vol 1 • Issue 1 • Sep 2009

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Grafton’s online e-newsletter, Continuums. The theme of this issue is “change.” I don’t think there is a word that more aptly defines the current… Read More