Grafton in Action – Spring 2020

April 6, 2020

Since opening our doors 60 years ago, Grafton has become a leader in serving individuals with Autism. From starting the first residential Autism program in Virginia to conducting the state’s first official Autism study, we are always striving to give our clients the most innovative, evidence-based care available.

Our experience has taught us how to help those with Autism master their treatment goals in order to live a more independent and meaningful life. Grafton not only teaches these individuals how to operate in their community, but we also teach the community how to understand and be more accepting. As a result, we’ve seen the communities in which we work become the best advocates for our clients.

In Virginia, where we are based, we partner with school districts, local governments, and the community to develop unique solutions for students with Autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. As other states address this issue, we are eager to share what we have learned to foster the adoption of effective solutions outside of our region. For more information about how Grafton serves individuals with Autism, we invite you to watch a webinar we produced last spring.

April is Autism Awareness Month, but awareness alone is not enough. We must enable children to learn so they are able to reach their full potential. We invite you to be part of the conversation by sharing your thoughts and experiences with Autism via Facebook and Twitter. This is an issue worth discussing this month and every month.

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