Grafton Merges with Leesburg Facility

November 4, 2010

By Rebecca Layne
November 4, 2010

WINCHESTER- A local behavioral health care provider is merging with another Virginia nonprofit to cover the gaps in mental health care in the area.

Grafton – which serves children and adults who have both cognitive disabilities (such as mental retardation) and a psychiatric condition – merged with Graydon Manor in Leesburg on Oct. 27.

The merger will take effect by early 2011, and will expand Grafton’s clientele to include that of Graydon Manor, which treats children and adults with serious psychiatric and emotional problems and those battling substance abuse or a combination of behavioral and substance abuse problems.

With the merger, Grafton will incorporate Graydon’s intensive outpatient program, which includes group therapy, an individual therapy session, and a psychiatric medication management appointment, if necessary.

“We’ll provide more of a one-stop shop for people,” Gaynor said.

“It’s good for Grafton to have a location near the Beltway,” he added.

The mental health issue was addressed in a Valley Health October community needs assessment report, which stressed the need for more low-cost mental health care options, such as a 24/7, 365-day crisis unit.

Officials say the lack of mental health care options in the region comes from insufficient state and federal funding, along with reduced coverage by insurance agencies, and often results in a large influx of people at the Winchester Medical Center’s emergency room who have no place else to go.

“I feel strongly that we have the capacity to fill some of these [mental health] gaps,” Gaynor said. “We are both committed to giving people their lives back.”

Grafton has a corporate office at 120 Bellview Ave., along with offices on Elm Street, in Berryville, and in Richmond.