Implementing Measurement-Based Care—From Idea To Action

June 25, 2019

*This article was published by Open Minds.

Where does measurement-based care “fit” in the move toward metrics-based performance management and value-based reimbursement (VBR)? Measurement-based care facilitates standardization of service delivery. And, going a step further, measurement-based care allows clinical managers to identify the most effective service models. By measuring care outcomes, managers of provider organizations can see what is and isn’t working, and adjust accordingly in real time (see Practice Performance Management-The Key To Sustainability& Success) these are essential skills in value-based reimbursement environments.

What does measurement-based care look like in practice? I had a chance to see a system in action at The 2019 OPEN MINDS Strategy & Innovation Institute during the session, Grafton’s Journey Into Measurable Patient Success, presented by Scott Zeiter, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, and Jeremy Ulderich, Director of Educational Consulting at Grafton Integrated Health Network. In the Welligent-sponsored session, Mr. Zeiter and Mr. Ulderich talked about Grafton’s development of measurement-based care and what they learned from that experience.

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