Grafton Speaks at IASSID Asia Pacific Regional Conference

June 25, 2009

News: For Immediate Release
Grafton Speaks at IASSID Asia Pacific Regional Conference

June 25, 2009 — Grafton, a nationally recognized leader in the treatment of behavioral disabilities and disorders, presented its award winning method of minimizing restraint at the second International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities’ (IASSID) Asia Pacific Regional Conference..

Kim Sanders, executive director of Grafton’s Winchester facility, presented on behalf of the organization. In response to the growing amount of support in the field for minimizing restraint, the presentation covered Grafton’s program and the positive outcomes that minimizing restraint can have on those with autism or other pervasive intellectual disabilities as well as to the individuals who provide their care.

Sanders outlined Grafton’s four step program – including communication, training, a schedule of support and creating a system to process incidents – that effectively minimized restraints at its Winchester facility by 99.4%. The program also reduced: the amount of client related employee injuries by 37.7%; and the lost time expenses incurred by 93%.

“It is gratifying to see that the innovation and dedication of Grafton’s employees in minimizing risk is now being recognized on an international stage,” said Sanders. “It is the extra effort by these outstanding professionals that truly sets us apart as a leader in providing optimum behavioral health services to those under our care. ”

The presentation is based on the findings from The Minimization of Restraint Initiative, which describes the method Grafton initiated to minimize the use of restraint when managing dangerous situations. The paper was the recipient of several recognitions including the prestigious Negley President’s Award.

The IASSID, founded in 1964, continues to expand their international knowledge by relying on innovative minds like Sanders’ to forward their study of intellectual disabilities. The organization’s Asia-Pacific Regional Conference joins together researchers, policy makers, practitioners, family members and those with disabilities from all around the world to discuss and debate the most pertinent issues affecting people with disabilities. The presentation by Sanders was one of the more highly anticipated lectures at the conference.

For over fifty years, Grafton has been providing 24 hour support to individuals with co-occurring intellectual, developmental and psychiatric disabilities. As a nationally recognized leader in behavioral healthcare, Grafton has more than 700 employees and supports more than 400 clients per year.