GSSP: Individual Early Intervention Providers

With 40 Local Early Intervention (EI) Systems across VA, it can be challenging for individual EI providers to identify where their services are needed, while also managing billing and contracting across multiple systems. Grafton’s Specialty Services Program streamlines the process of connecting providers with the children and families in need of their services.

Individual providers will benefit from:

  • Centralized billing, contracting, credentialing, and training through Grafton—allowing providers to focus on serving children and families in need
  • Specialized EI providers for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and blind children will have access to a statewide referral base for acquiring new clients, making work with EI families and children a viable option for a full practice
  • Access to Grafton’s multidisciplinary team for support and insight
  • Competitive hourly rates

Grafton is committed to eliminating barriers to accessing EI services for families with deaf, hard-of-hearing, and/or visually impaired children through the Grafton Specialty Services Program. We look forward to facilitating this network for the benefit of our families, Local Early Intervention Systems, and individual EI providers. Learn more about Grafton here.

Are you an EI provider in Virginia?  Contact us directly at (540) 450-1052, ext. 4052, or send a message to for more information on how to join our network or professionals.