GSSP Local Early Intervention Systems

Families rely on Local Early Intervention (EI) Systems to identify whether their children may be eligible for services. If you have a child in your system that needs specialty services, please complete our Request for Services Form for electronic submission or fax a hard copy to Sharlene Stowers at 540-450-1051.

GSSP gives Local Early Intervention Systems:

  • Expedited, streamlined access to sub-specialized professionals at any stage of the EI process
  • Easy access to EI professionals and initiation of services within the federally mandated 30-day timeline
  • Centralized billing, management, contracting, and oversight conducted by Grafton
  • Opportunities for internal consultation and mutual support within the centralized EI provider group of specialty services

Grafton is committed to eliminating barriers to accessing EI services for families with deaf, hard-of-hearing, and/or visually impaired children through the Grafton Specialty Services Program. We look forward to facilitating this network for the benefit of our families, providers, and Local EI Systems. Learn more about Grafton here.

Still have more questions? Contact us directly at (540) 450-1052, ext. 4052, or send a message to