Goal Mastery and R.E.B.O.O.T
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Goal Mastery

In 2004, Grafton’s CEO, Jim Gaynor, asked his leadership team to provide the percentage of goals clients at Grafton mastered annually overall and within specific programs and services. While observations and anecdotal reports from Grafton providers and stakeholders indicated clients were showing improvement in their identified goal areas, there was not a system in place to provide an actual goal mastery rate. Out of this request, Grafton’s “Goal Mastery Initiative” was created.

Ukeru—The Least Resistance Approach to Crisis Management

“Uke” comes from the Japanese word Ukeru meaning to receive. Ukeru is a revolutionary crisis management technique developed at Grafton that has received national and international recognition. Essentially, Ukeru is about receiving, engaging, sensing, feeling and responding to what someone is trying to communicate to us through their actions while maintaining the safety of all those involved.

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