Premiere Behavioral Health Organizations Join Forces

November 1, 2010

News: For Immediate Release
Premiere Behavioral Health Organizations Join Forces

Consolidation Increases Access and Care to Virginia’s Most Vulnerable Populations

November 1, 2010 – Last week, the efforts of Grafton and Graydon Manor – two of Virginia’s leading behavioral health organizations – reached a major milestone. On October 27, the Boards from both approved all merger terms. Doing so allows the combined entity to draw upon Graydon’s long history of providing superior treatment for children, adolescents and adults with serious psychiatric and emotional problems, substance abuse or learning disabilities, as well as Grafton’s internationally recognized expertise in treating those with co-occurring intellectual, developmental and psychiatric disabilities.

“Both organizations have the same mission – helping individuals and families live better lives,” said James Gaynor, Grafton’s CEO. “This opportunity aligns precisely with the strategy Grafton has outlined to broaden its behavioral health services. We will be able to pool resources, broaden our services and expand in key service areas. Most importantly, it allows us to be even more successful in reaching and serving a larger number of individuals and families across Virginia.”

In the summer of 2010, Grafton and Graydon Manor began a consolidation process designed to continuously improve the way in which the most vulnerable individuals throughout Virginia are served. The consolidation will allow the combined organization to build upon and expand service lines, extend their historic “best practice” missions to new emergent populations in need and maintain – and, in many areas, improve – the existing quality of services.

“We want to continually improve the care we provide to clients,” said Eileen Roehr, Graydon Manor’s executive director. “And we have determined that, as a consolidated entity, we can be more successful in doing so.”

Jim Gaynor will have responsibility for leading the organization. In this capacity, he will direct managerial and executive decision-making in close coordination with Graydon Manor executives, including Eileen Roehr, who will continue to play an important leadership role.

The merger will be take effect by early 2011. In the meantime, both legacy organizations will remain keenly focused on providing the highest quality of treatment and care to clients and to making the integrated organization the provider of choice.

About Grafton and Graydon Manor
For more than fifty years, Grafton and Graydon Manor have worked to improve lives within their surrounding communities. Grafton has provided a continuum of services to children, youth and adults with a range of disabilities, and to the families and professionals who love and support them. Graydon Manor has been dedicated to treating children, adolescents and adults with serious psychiatric and emotional problems, as well as co-occurring issues of substance abuse or learning disabilities. Grafton and Graydon Manor are Virginia not-for-profit charitable organizations.

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