REBOOT—A Tool to Improve Outcomes

When you want things to go better…REBOOT! REBOOT is Grafton’s newest data collection tool. Currently, pilot programs that use it are ongoing in three regions (i.e. Loudoun County, VA and Charles Town, WV) for ABA-based contract-serviced individuals.

REBOOT provides behavior specialists and BCBAs with the ability to collect data on the go and then to track and analyze it on a laptop, iPad, or tablet. Features include interactive task analysis, frequency count, and even duration.

Behavior specialists have particularly enjoyed that ability to track progress during sessions on an iPad by simply tapping to record the exact prompt levels involved with various acquisition goals.


These features also promote time efficiency in several ways, such as reusing previously saved goals, which in turn reduces the amount of time needed to formulate individualized treatment plan goals. These goals can be targeted to increase or decrease behavior.

For supervisors, REBOOT provides the opportunity to review data immediately, while a session is either ongoing or completed. Additionally, REBOOT notifies when data have not been collected and/or needs to be reviewed through the notifications bar.

As with any new program, REBOOT has presented some challenges. However, REBOOT developers Grafton employees (Dr. Lisa Marshall, Dr. Jason Craig, and Mr. Jeremy Ulderich) have continued to offer support, and new developments to the program are being made continuously.

Although, we have mentioned REBOOT’s relation to Behavior Specialists and BCBAs within Grafton, the tool is also intended for general use among a variety of support staff and professionals.

As new developments continue, functionality for a broader array of professionals will become a focus of growth for the REBOOT system.

In an age that pushes speed, dependability, and efficiency, Grafton intends to stay ahead of the curve by presenting products such as REBOOT. Although, the proverbial “skinned-knees” are sure to occur throughout this process, it is Grafton’s goal that continued innovation will offer an ever-evolving vehicle for independence, productivity, and inclusion of our clients.