Grafton’s Richmond-area services include a day school in Midlothian, an activity program for adults (Integrations), and community-based group homes for boys, girls, and adults.

Therapeutic Day School

Our therapeutic school in Midlothian provides comprehensive, structured, and customized educational services for students ages 6 to 22. By combining special education and behavioral health—balancing academic and functional skills—we allow students to recognize their strengths and use them to achieve success in learning across diverse subjects and environments.

We offer a K-12 education, as well as career and technical education. Grafton is committed to accepting students with the most challenging behaviors, many of whom have struggled within traditional school settings. We have a proven track record of helping these individuals achieve—and even surpass—their educational and behavioral goals.

Our Richmond campus provides:

  • Playgrounds, gymnasiums, and recreational space
  • Computers, tablets, and SMARTboards in each classroom
  • Specialized facilities for subjects like art, music therapy, cooking, and gardening
  • Supervised excursions for hands-on learning in the community
  • Enhanced security systems to ensure student safety
  • Nutritious and appropriate meals and snacks
  • Medical care by professional nursing staff

Many of our high school students are eligible to participate in Grafton’s vocational skills programming in addition to core academics. These students have the opportunity to enroll in a range of courses that fit their interests and abilities, such as clerical, horticultural, and food service classes. When students have mastered skills in the classroom, they are paid to work part-time here at Grafton, or they can work off-site through our Community-Based Education course.

The Community-Based Education course has helped dozens of students to gain real-world volunteer and work experience out in the community. Grafton collaborates with many businesses and organizations in Virginia, including restaurants, warehouses, retails stores, and plant nurseries. All of our students receive payment through Grafton’s stipend program, while participating businesses and organizations benefit from the work of our student volunteers.

Richmond Leadership Team

Ray Crosen, Executive Director, Richmond
Kent Houchins, Chief Operating Officer, Community-Based Program


4100 Price Club Boulevard
Midlothian, VA 23112


Donnie Lemon
888-955-5205 (ext. 6460)