“At Grafton, students have the opportunity to be successful when they haven’t been in the past. Our ultimate goal is to encourage as much independence and success as possible."

— Sarah Ulmer, Principal

Grafton Integrated Health Network provides the Richmond, VA area with comprehensive, structured and customized educational services for students aged six to 22 and includes K-12 as well as career and technical training. By combining special education and behavioral health — balancing academic and functional skills — we allow students to recognize and use their strengths to succeed in diverse subjects and environments.

Combining day schools and therapeutic community living options to serve children and adolescents with autism, intellectual disabilities, and complex mental health challenges, Grafton’s approach is person-centered, trauma-informed and data-driven, with each plan of care as unique as the individual it serves.

A philosophy of Comfort vs. Control is embedded within the organization’s DNA. Well over a decade ago, Grafton implemented an organization-wide initiative to minimize and, where possible, eliminate the use of coercive behavior management techniques such as restraint and seclusion. Today, not only has it achieved a 99.8% reduction in the use of restraint and 100% reduction in the use of seclusion, it has dramatically reduced the number of injuries to clients and staff. Through its Ukeru Systems division — currently used in in more than 250 private day and residential programs, private and public schools, psychiatric hospitals and forensic units — Grafton now shares this expertise with other organizations.

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