Sherando art students create mural for Grafton’s ADAPT program

January 11, 2019

This story originally appeared in the Winchester Star.

Clients who walk through the front doors of Grafton’s Adult Day Activities Program Team (ADAPT) are now greeted by a colorful mural painted by Sherando High School students.

ADAPT clients are adults with disabilities who come to the program to find ways to engage and learn in the community by working or volunteering.

Jessica Judd, Grafton’s ADAPT program supervisor, said she was very impressed by the students’ artwork. She added that clients are sometimes so interested in the mural that they touch it.

The vibrant mural highlights the Blue Ridge Mountains, a sunset, butterflies and the words “learning,” “adventure,” “fun” and “no limits.” The center of the mural features a colorful mosaic hand holding a butterfly on the tip of its index finger. This is meant to strike an image of hope, said Katie Kwiatkowski, Sherando’s art club sponsor. It also represents “reaching out,” she said, and the many colors signify the value of diversity. The tip of the finger and part of the butterfly are pink to show that the hand is “giving life” to the butterfly.

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