Employee Spotlight: Patrick Rausch

How long have you been working at Grafton? 

2 years

Can you please give a brief summary of your career path prior to Grafton?

I was born and raised on a dairy farm. I graduated high school at Albany Area Schools. From there, I graduated from Alexandria Technical College with a degree in Fluid Power Technology. I spent 15 years as a Lead Mechanic in high-speed production at Cold Spring Brewing. I was then hired on as Maintenance Manager in manufacturing for 3 years. After multiple years in manufacturing, I proceeded into healthcare and was hired at CentraCare Hospital as the Lead Boiler Operator. The CentraCare facility I worked at was a Hospital, Clinic, Care-Center, and Assistant Living all under one roof. I really enjoyed taking care of people and looked forward to managing facilities at some point in my life. After 2 years of working at CentraCare, I was given the opportunity to interview at Grafton as a Facility Manager. When Grafton made me an offer, I accepted. 

What brought you to Grafton?

The opportunity to pursue my career in facility management. Plus, I looked forward to caring for children with special needs.

Can you describe what a typical day looks like as a Maintenance Supervisor?

From the time I start, to the time I leave for the day, I support and manage staff, safety, issues, projects, codes, vendors, drills, grounds, repairs, inventory, process improvement, inspections, IT, etc.

What is your favorite thing about being a Maintenance Supervisor at Grafton?

There are multiple things I enjoy! Project management, designing, safety, problem solving, helping staff, and researching new ideas are a few of my favorites!

What makes Grafton a special place to work?

Knowing we work towards helping children to the best of our capabilities.

Teamwork is so important at Grafton. Can you please share with us what your team means to you?

There’s no “I” in team. The people I work with every day are amazing! I go out of my way to help anyone with an issue or project. If I can make a team member’s day easier/safer, then I did my part as a leader and manager.

What would you tell someone who is considering working at Grafton?

If you apply yourself 100% and care for the needs of children and staff, it’s a great place to work!

How has Grafton leadership supported you during your time at Grafton?

Grafton leadership has always been very supportive. My manager Tony Wilson is an amazing man to work with. Tony is always looking out for my best interest.

How has Grafton helped you reach your goals?

Grafton has helped me develop my facility management processes. I know I’ll be able to use these skills throughout my entire career. 

What skills have you learned since working at Grafton? 

I have gained better knowledge of safety in a psychiatric setting. 

Can you share a favorite story that you have from working at Grafton?

Within the past few months I’ve been using stencils to paint decals on walls versus mounting something decorative. I created an “Under The Sea” theme in our classroom/lobby area. I received compliments from both clients and staff. Moving forward, I plan to create more themes throughout our facility to make our environment more enjoyable. Plus, I feel it makes our environment more welcoming and comforting for clients and staff.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Throughout my entire career, I’ve experienced many challenges. I’m proud to say my work ethic and determination has made me successful in these situations. I love what I do, and I plan to continue to further my goals. I’m currently pursuing my Facility Management Professional (FMP) credential with IFMA. My goal is to be a Director of Facilities some day. I look forward to advancement within Grafton in the near future. One phrase I carry with me wherever I go is, “I work hard because I love my work”. I can only hope this phrase will inspire anyone who loves what they do in life!