Ten Things Parents Of Children With Autism Wish Teachers Knew

September 4, 2015

HuffPOst_2_400_167As the school year gets underway, Ukeru Systems’ Bonnie Zampino shared the “10 Things Parents of Children with Autism Wish Teachers Knew” in an article published by The Huffington Post. Bonnie is the mother of a child with autism and also works as an engagement specialist with Ukeru Systems.

In one of the ten messages, she asks that teachers view each child as an individual: “Please don’t define him by his diagnosis. Look for his strengths and you will find them. Every child with autism is different. So please see him for the person that he is and help him become the very best he can be.”

Her article provides a helpful conversation starter with teachers on issues such as parent advocacy, IEP Meetings, communication, and more.