COVID-19 Response

Grafton’s top priority is the health, safety and security of clients, families, and staff. That is never truer than during the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. We know all of you are concerned, too, and that you want to have a clear view as to how our organization is addressing the virus. This page is intended to serve as the central location for the latest information. It will be updated in real time, as details become available.

Additional details include:

  • A team of medical leadership, which meets daily, is overseeing Grafton’s COVID-19 efforts.
  • Grafton has adopted the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for nursing homes for our programs.
  • We are working directly with the Virginia Department of Health (DOH) Lord Fairfax Health District as well as Richmond officials. The DOH epidemiologist provided us with guidance and is keeping us up to date with the most recent information regarding COVID-19.
  • Our medical staff have scenario-planned potential exposure events in collaboration with external authorities.
  • We have redoubled efforts to sanitize surfaces throughout each facility and program, and have communicated widely and repeatedly about the importance of proper coughing/sneezing etiquette as well as hand washing hygiene protocol per CDC standards.
  • We are screening all referrals to Grafton facilities, both prior to and at the time of admission. Those with symptoms of respiratory illness and fever will not be admitted without clearance from external medical resources.
  • Food reserves, pharmaceuticals and other protective equipment have been stocked at all sites.

We have compiled some useful Coronavirus-related resources for parents here.

If you are planning a visit, a list of hotels that have been evaluated by Grafton can be found here. Each has heightened Covid safety guidelines, including enhanced COVID cleaning and precautions. They also require masks in all public areas.

You can find additional Coronavirus information from the CDC here.