Vol 5 • Issue 3 • July 2014

July 18, 2014

Message from the Director

Grafton’s Independent Living Program Launches in Leesburg

Grafton’s independent living program has been created to help Loudoun County youth (in the custody of the Department of Social Services) develop functional autonomy, positive decision making skills, and a healthy lifestyle within the context of natural community supports. Our goal is to encourage young adults to utilize the resources available within their home community and to thus experience a positive transition to adulthood.

The Independent Living Program is a collaborative partnership with Loudoun County stakeholders and Grafton is committed to measurable and sustainable quality improvement reviews that lead to positive outcomes for youth served.

Independent living services are provided at Grafton’s Leesburg campus which is close to local educational and healthcare resources and provides many recreational, social and vocational opportunities for those served.

Services provided through the program include but are not limited to the following:

• Independent living assessments will include areas such as money management, food preparation, hygiene, social, health and sexuality, transportation, education, career development and exploration, emergency and safety, community resources and housing.
• Individualized service plans are developed directly from the assessments, interviews with the client, family members, placing agency representative and others close with the client.
• The Ansell -Casey curriculum will be utilized to teach and enhance independent living skills. The Ansell-Casey life skills training is an interactive evidence based curriculum specifically designed for teens. The curriculum encourages clients to use their imagination, interest and creativity to foster discussion, encourage team building and enhance healthy choices. (include link)
• 24 hour room and board as well as care and supervision while at the Grafton campus.
• Recreational activities are available on and off Grafton campus.
• Integrated and coordinated care between family, placing agency, community resource supports, other service providers and other designated key stakeholders provided by Grafton’s Program Manager.

The grand opening for the Independent Living Program is August 4, 2014. For more information please contact Donnie Lemon, Admissions Case Manager at 540-955-2400 ext 6461 or dlemon@grafton.org.


Grafton will host our first annual symposium on Tuesday, October 21st at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia. Dr. Janice LeBel, Director of System Transformation, MA Department of Mental Health will serve as our keynote speaker. For more information, please contact communications@grafton.org.


For over 50 years, Grafton has made a difference in the lives of people challenged by complex disabilities. Beginning at the kitchen table of our founder, Ruth Birch, and developing into a multi-state provider of many different services. To make a donation, please click here. http://www.grafton.org/donation/

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